Who Are We?

The Advisors Group of Chicago, LLC is an independent firm consisting of five partners and an equal number of support staff. As independent advisors we have the freedom to guide our clients to financial solutions that make sense for them. We have no sales quotas; our responsibility is to our clients.

It’s always about the big picture. While some clients find us because of a specific immediate need (for example, the need to rollover old 401(k) assets) we have a deep belief in the value of a comprehensive financial plan. Making tactical decisions about investments or insurance is relatively straightforward within the context of a good long term wealth plan. That’s why we feel strongly that our client relationships should begin with the creation of a comprehensive wealth plan. And we find we come back regularly to that comprehensive plan as we help guide our clients’ decisions through the years. The professionals of The Advisors Group of Chicago firmly believe that only with a clear understanding of our clients’ complete financial situation – and their plans and hopes for the future – can we fulfill our role as the family’s primary financial advisor.

We’re with you for the long term.We hope that our clients are with us forever. Over 90% of our clients from 10 years ago are still with us today. 1

We provide personal service with big firm resources. Some prospective clients wonder how a boutique firm like The Advisors Group can provide the same types of services that are offered by the big Wall Street firms. We do so through strategic relationships with research firms, money management companies, clearing firms and others. Through these relationships we are able to offer our clients a wide array of sophisticated investment and planning solutions that are often available only to large institutional clients.  Our clients always work directly with one of the firm’s partners. We enjoy getting to know our clients very well. In the end, we believe that our clients stay with us through the years because of our personal service, our independence and our attention to their unique circumstances. The fact that no two of our clients are alike is one of the great pleasures of our business.

Our Strategic Relationships

In order to provide our clients with the best information and the widest array of products we have a number of strategic relationships. Most important of these is the relationship we have with our broker-dealer, Kestra Investment Services, LLC (Kestra IS) of Austin, Texas. Kestra IS is the organization behind the scenes that processes your transactions, supplies regulatory supervision and acts as an extension to our back office. They add scale, resources and oversight, but more importantly, they serve us by providing research on money managers, doing extensive due diligence of alternative investment options, and by giving us access to the latest tools and technologies.

Our other key relationships are with our clearing firms. The clearing firm is the independent custodian that sends the monthly statement showing what you own, what it’s worth and what transactions occurred during the month. Our clients have the confidence that comes from knowing their investments are held, valued and tracked by a firm that is completely independent of The Advisors Group of Chicago. At present we clear primarily through National Financial Services LLC (Member NYSE/SIPC and a Fidelity Investments® company) and the SEI Private Trust Company.

1. Individual experiences may vary and be subject to change over time.