Our Clients

All of our clients are successful people. They are corporate executives, lawyers, doctors, business owners, not-for-profit leaders…and their families. They are intelligent, capable people who could do for themselves much of what we do for them. But they choose to work with us for the value we add and because their scarcest resource is their own time.

We work primarily with individual clients - but since many of our clients are owners of closely held businesses we often help in developing retirement plans for the business entity as well.

We begin working with some clients early in their careers when they are just beginning to accumulate assets and their main concern is getting on the right track with savings and insurance.

Other clients come to us when their careers have reached the point where they are dealing with significant questions about managing stock options and deferred compensation, or perhaps the sale of a business.

Still other clients have managed their own affairs throughout their working life but now want assistance as they make the important transition from the accumulation phase of their financial life to the distribution phase.

Questions for Prospective Clients

   Do you feel you are on the right track for retirement and your other major financial goals?
   Do you have a written investment strategy?
   Are your estate planning and power-of-attorney documents up to date?
   What has your portfolio’s rate of return been for the last year? Five years? Ten?
   Will your financial plan be successful if you or your spouse dies or becomes disabled?
   When did you last rebalance your retirement plan investments?
   How do you plan to fund long term care costs if needed?
   How are you changing your investment strategy as retirement approaches?
   Are you taking advantage of all the tax-advantaged investment options you could?
   Are your investments cost-effective? Are they tax efficient?
   Where exactly will your income come from in retirement?

Beginning the Conversation

We usually begin the conversation with prospective clients in a face-to-face meeting at our office or over lunch. We can tell you about how we work and can find out what you are looking for in a financial advisor. After the meeting you can decide if you want to proceed. There is no charge for this meeting.

If you want to go forward we will have two to four planning meetings, usually at our office and usually only a week or so apart. Sometimes there is a fee for these planning sessions; if there is we will discuss it before we begin. At the last of these meetings we will be making a set of very specific recommendations across a wide range of topics. At this point you should have a good idea about our capabilities and our style and you can decide whether or not you want to continue working with us over the long term to implement the plan.

We’re ready to start the conversation when you are.